Touch of oriental

Oriental furniture; tastefully accessorised of course, has always hinted at sophistication and depth. But what draws the eye is the striking asymmetrical designs, narrow sculptured lines, vibrant colours and traditional symbolism. It’s no wonder people are flocking to dress up their homes with an oriental twist.

At Yesterdays, themes are our strong point, and we have a soft spot for the oriental styling, because quite simply, it’s stunning!

Full on eastern delights

If you are looking to recapture the east with an all-out design, then follow these steps to a dreamy eastern home.

  1. Measure each of your rooms and take note of light and space. Think about the proportions of furniture, where windows and lights are.
  2. Think about storage and where your plug points are. The types of furniture you purchase will be part dictated by your needs.
  3. What colour scheme and mood would suit each room – again consider light and space. Colours can be calming like ocean blues and aqua greens. They can be passionate like bold reds or thoughtful like sedate purples. While lighter shades are preferable for small rooms, you would be surprised at what a mirror can do, or a change in lighting.
  4. Once you have colours in mind and a good idea of the types of furniture, start researching and building pin boards (Pinterest is a wonderful online platform to build a pinboard or collage of images).
  5. Make final selections and use the collected images to create a visual representation of your room.
  6. Consider Feng Shui when designing the room layout. Feng Shui is the balance and movement of energy and is extremely important in eastern culture.
  7. Assessorize! You have colours, theme and furniture. Now it’s time to add rugs, lighting, ornaments and mirrors.

Yesterdays recommends! It’s one of our favourite stockists and one we frequently order from. Choose from funky, bold, antique or mantra.

A shimmer of culture

If you are more admiring of a softer touch, as opposed to a complete makeover, then small adjustments here and there will add that shimmer of eastern culture.

  • Turn up the heat with a red beaded spherical shade.
  • A sculpture…or two will give you a hint of culture. Try a Geisha doll  or Chinese dragon
  • There’s nothing more oriental than a Parasol and you can colour-match to either compliment or contrast with your walls.
  • Folding screens are both practical and bold. Divide up your room or add a splash of colour.

We’ll leave you to start your oriental makeover and if you need some accessories or assistance with sourcing furniture, give us a call on 00353 +56 7765557, email or pop into the shop.

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