Commercial graffiti – A trending style

London-born graffiti artist Insa started out by illegally doodling on the streets of London. His chunky cartoon-style abstract designs were street raw, yet highly creative.

His original designs fast became an inspiration for designers and Insa was soon commissioned to take his art from street to commercial.

Here we can see his original street work. Bold snake-like swirls and a dabbing of rich colour.

Here we can see his trademark style with an exotic flowery pattern in a contrast of white and aqua blue. This iconic design is for a private client’s apartment in China.

But his journey doesn’t stop at buildings or outside art.

The Bubble Chair from modani is an example of how a design can be moulded to suit various shapes. As you can see the transparency and spherical shape contorts the design, yet somehow amplifies its impact.

And back to street. Fashionable street-wear sporting his versatile design works well for a trendy, unique look.

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