10 steps to a home office you will love

We applaud Janel at apartmenttherapy.com, who has published an article on sprucing up your home office and making it more liveable. Cards on the table – we do tend to ignore the fact that the home office is part of home, and while it is suitable for it to be functional, there’s still plenty of leeway to transform it into beautiful.

Here are 10 tips from the site. See if you agree.

1) Don’t get too techy
It’s the first and second rule. Remember, this is your home, not your office. Don’t let your tech dominate the space.

2) Choose comfy but attractive furniture
Select furniture you’d want in your home and that fits your design aesthetics. Orient yourself and furniture in the room so you’re most comfortable. Remember there are no office rules any more as to size, area who sits by the window etc.

3) Get organised
Hide away and organize your cables and tech. You want to maintain a clean and organized home, and your home office shouldn’t be an exception.

4) Make it personal
Add photographs not as you would place simple frames on your desk at the real office, but consider the room a space in your house first and how you would decorate it that way.

5) Let there be light!
You’re not living and working in a dungeon and you don’t have to deal with crappy overhead fluorescent lighting if you don’t want to. Natural light’s warm glow is ideal but given a lack of window options choose lamps with soft bulbs. Be wary of monitor placement in relation to the window so you’re not dealing with glare coming off the screen.

6) Bring in the greenery
Mother nature helps us breathe better and brings a warm touch to the space.

7) Get comfy under your feet
Get a nice comfy rug instead of the traditional office chair mat or commercial grade carpet. Kick off your shoes and relax your feet as you work.

8) Let the tunes roll!
If you like listening to music while you work by all means turn it up! This is also helpful if the kids are being noisy and you need to get some work done. 😉

9) Let the pets in
It’s rare an office that allows pets in the building. From our own personal experience it puts us in an amazing mood when our puppy is laying at our feet. We’re relaxed and can focus on our work in a good mood. We get things done so we can finish up and go play!

10) Who’s the boss? You are!
Remember, at your home you’re your own boss and you make up the rules! Particularly when it comes to knowing yourself and what makes you work at your best so you can get out of there sooner with your work done and go enjoy the lovelier things in life.

The full version is here.

Image: www.housebeautiful.com

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