Wall Art

It is the little things that make a home and give an insight into those that live within those walls. Nowhere is this more revealing than on the walls of the modern home. Gone are the days of the “Home Sweet Home” print, the Scared Heart centre piece and the variety of JFK photos or quaint scenery images that we all grew up with.
Now our walls are subject to the whims of fashion and we are all trying hard to achieve a stylish yet unique “look”.
Our collection of wall art is certainly different. We search out the less well known artists and publishers and buy limited amounts, to avoid overdoing a particular piece of wall art. We try to offer something different, some a little funky and never boring. So you have something a little different with character and joy.

Our prints come framed and under glass. Breakage insurance is covered by Yesterdays.ie and included in the price, so you don’t have to worry about any slips along the way.

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