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Home to a truly different collection of home accessories and personal luxuries from around the world. Unashamedly in love with the grace and style of a bygone era, we celebrate long-forgotten craftsmanship and creativity. For those who appreciate design-led quality, Yesterdays offers hand-crafted tiffany lamps, Arabian-inspired light shades, a boutique range of framed prints and much, much more.

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  • H1028

    Imago Sky Print

    The dreamlike serenity of Imago Sky is obvious, as the fantasy fairy figure, in a floating motion, hovers in mid air, accompanied by a dozen beautifully coloured butterflies.

    The background colouring, a mystical, glowing green draws us closer to another world of dreams and flights of fancy. This is a most unusual, charming piece of work that will set the imagination of any child wild.

    Dimensions: 70cm H x 56cm W

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  • Frame Of Mind

    Frame Of Mind Print

    A dream-like experience as the beauty within a young girl’s imagination is given a release. Frame of Mind is an image full of music and joy, with just a little mystery added.

    Dimensions: 69cm H x 69cm W

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  • Evening Echoes

    Evening Echoes Print

    As the light fades into evening and sleep begins to take its grip, the imagination can wander from reality to fantasy. The beautiful colours and images of Evening Echoes are a gateway to the world of dreams.

    Dimensions: 60cm H x 60cm W

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  • Unwinding The Path

    Unwinding The Path Print

    The slow meander of tangerine across a twilight field catches your eye immediately and draws you into a story that mystifies and enchants in equal measures. The dimly lit lanterns that dapple the forest add comfort and beckon us to sleep.

    Dimensions: 54cm H x 60cm W

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  • Pug

    Pug Print

    They say if you give a dog a bad name, it sticks for life. Well the Pug may not be the most cuddily of dogs but this fella would make you think again about their undoubted charm. He seems to have found his modern-day metro-man style with a dashing array of lovehearts and techno-splashes. Any boy can he turn hearts with those eyes.

    If Andy Warhol had a dog, it would have been this one!

    Dimensions:43cm H x 53cm W

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  • Beagle Charm

    Beagle Charms Print

    This lady looks like she raided the paintshop. The beagle is a beautiful dog by nature but we think this work makes her a one-in-a-million.

    Dimensions:53cm H x 43cm W

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  • Chic Chihuahua

    Chic Chihuahua Print

    Every fashionable lady loves a Chihuahua and this one is super-chic with a funky paisley make-over, The soft background yellow and blue finish this feminine cutie perfectly.

    Dimensions:52cm H x 42cm W

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  • Dewey Pit

    Dewey Pit Print

    An effervescent energy glows from this picture and captures the enthusiastic smile of a Dewey Pit, not generally regarded as the most loveable of dogs. This happy lad has fondness that is perfectly captured and a doting obedience in his eyes.

    It’s hard to resist love like that!

    Dimensions:45cm H x 55cm W

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  • In A Perfect World

    Perfect World Print

    The full quotation is “In a perfect world, every dog has a home”

    Dog lovers hate the thought of a stray or lost dog and this message, in techno-colour detail, should be spread to everyone who appreciates the wonder and love of man’s best friend.

    Dimensions:45cm H x 55cm W

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  • Beware of Pit Bulls

    Beware of Pitbull Print

    The full quotation is “Beware of Pit Bulls, they will steal your heart”

    A much feared breed through no fault of their own, the Pit Bull is as capable of loving and being loved as any other breed of dog. His little red heart on his collar says it all.

    Dimensions:55cm H x 45cm W

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  • How Peace Feels

    How Peace Feels Print

    A true dappling of tranquil colours that works as a framed image because of the variety of shapes and sizes. The multiple layers of colour bring the eye one way and then another, without ever allowing you to work out the nature of the picture itself.

    Dimensions: 65cm H x 35cm W

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  • Tranquility Blooms

    Tranquility Blooms Print

    A less dramatic floral image, seeking to inspire a sense of peace and harmony. The colouring is imaginative and will catch the eye but the blend of lilac and soft blues will soothe rather than excite your senses.

    Dimensions: 66cm H x 66cm W

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  • She Found a Place

    She Found A Place Print

    Another colour squeezed (yes, colour squeezed!) work by Carrie Schmitt. Wouldn’t you love a garden like this? Full of a wild palette of colour, perfectly balance but crazily proportioned.

    That is the sense of beauty “She Found A Place” inspires in your heart.

    Dimensions: 56cm H x 68cm W

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  • Mountain Meadow

    Mountain Meadow Print

    A summertime explosion of colour in shades too many to mention. The art of Carrie Schmitt is defined by the excitement she captures in her floral images. Too often framed floral work are safe, intended to fill a space without capturing attention.

    Mountain Meadow is one of many pictures we offer that refuse to stay quiet.

    Dimensions: 55cm H x 45cm W


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  • Prayer Garden

    Prayer Garden Print

    A large dramatic image that will bring a burst of mid-summer to your home.

    The simple casual style of painting is relaxing and allows the colours to take over and inspire the joy and warmth of a summer garden.

    Dimensions: 66cm H x 66cm W

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